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the neighbours

Soooooooooo…  I’m still here and the film is with me. I have recently moved, Jeremy has moved, in-fact nearly everyone I know has moved in recent months, therefore The Neighbours has been a little delayed, UNTIL NOW! Yes, you heard me right, well, read me right, there. As I type this we are putting the […]


Happy Christmas

Just Finishing up here for the Christmas holidays!   The rigs have been built and tested and the first scenes have been sent out for animation. With that I’m going to wind down for a week and go look at real cats in trees and talk to people from outside animation (if there is such […]

The Frog

Hello, it’s me again; your friendly neighborhood director. Todays talk will be on the evolution of the north american common eastern toad  Bufo americanus americanus. Well no, not really. When creating the initial design for The Neighbours I though to myself in what situation would you subject A talking to subject B where subject B is located up a tree and subject […]

Many handed peavoy

So as part of the production process of The Neighbours we have asked John to post his comments, thoughts and musings on the production process so far. Below is the first in a series of postings from John on The Neighbours and what it’s like to be a director of a short film. Hello, hi, […]